Brand Boosters Gaming is your one-stop shop for all things animation. Our creative wizards specialize in a wide range of animation services that will bring your ideas to life and captivate your audience. Immerse yourself in the world of animation with us and let your imagination soar.

Most consumers and buyers don’t have time to read about your product or service. A video explaining what your brand is about will only help the customer in making quicker decisions and develop an interest in purchasing your product. Animation is the art of making lifeless objects active and manipulating the figures to make them move as images.

Utilize Fascinating Motion to Improve Your Storytelling

When words and images alone are insufficient to convey your message, our video services step in to add that cinematic flair. Brand Boosters Gaming is your go-to resource for creating engaging and enthralling videos. Explore our video services to give your story the visual impact it deserves.


2D and 3D Animation

HumanTekArt offers 2D and 3D animations for your script, storyline, and products. We create unique and customizable 2D/3D animated videos that compliment your brand and convey your message effectively.

Benefits of 2D and 3D Animation


Animated content captures your audience's attention and keeps them glued to your message


Animation allows you to tell your brand's story creatively and memorably.


Animation is used for various purposes such as educational videos marketing campaigns.


Engaged viewers are more likely to become loyal customers.


Updated features of 2D and 3D animation


Live Animated Video

With our live animated video services, you can transform your message into a dynamic visual experience. Whether you're trying to explain a complex concept or tell a compelling story, our animations will captivate your audience and effectively convey your message.

Silhouette Animation

Silhouette animation adds a touch of elegance and mystery to your projects. It's a distinct style that combines the power of shadows and light to create visually striking visuals that will set your brand apart.

Animated Web Demos

Animated web demos bring your website to life. Showcase your products or services in action and engage your visitors with interactive and informative animations that drive conversions.

Cartoon Animation

Who doesn't enjoy a good cartoon? Our cartoon animations are ideal for both entertaining and educating your audience. Whether for marketing, storytelling, or simply adding a fun element to your brand, our cartoons are sure to put a smile on your viewers' faces.


Animated Infographics

Animated infographics make data and information more visually appealing. Transform dry statistics into engaging visuals that are simple to understand and share across multiple platforms.

Typography Animation

Typography is an art form, and our typography animations give words to life. Improve your brand communication with animated typography that combines elegant design with compelling storytelling.

Gaming Animation Services


Animated Emotes

Custom animated emotes allow you to express yourself in style. Whether you're a streamer or a gamer, our emotes personalize your online presence and strengthen your connection with your audience.


Animated Screens

Enhance your streaming experience with animated screens that engage your viewers during breaks, transitions, and special moments. We've got it all covered, from the beginning to the end.


Animated Overlay

Stand out on streaming platforms with unique animated overlays that complement your gaming content. Our overlays are created to match your branding and give your streams a professional appearance.


Stinger Transition

With our stinger transition animations, you can seamlessly switch scenes while keeping your audience engaged. These custom transitions add a professional touch to your streams and make your content more dynamic.